AI Vision Center

SWISSCOAT subvert tradition and accelerate the pace of new optical retail


From the eyeglasses consumption history in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and other countries, it is not difficult to find that glasses have always been an essential track in consumer retail. SWISSCOAT is an omnichannel free brand retailer with the original intention of "combining culture, fashion and function easily" to create "a new generation of glasses symbolism".


SWISSCOAT continuously introduces advanced technology and production equipment to optimize the lens manufacturing technology. The SWISSCOAT brand has achieved outstanding results in the industry, and its multi-functional optical lenses export worldwide. SWISSCOAT expands to a vertically integrated sales form that combines product developing, manufacturing, and retailing, and simultaneously opened the layout of online and offline stores. Now SWISSCOAT has opened a whole New Vision Center in Guangzhou. Gradually connect the online platform with the big data of offline retail brand stores to provide users with a more comprehensive and high-quality product and service experience.

SWISSCOAT AI Vision Center, with its unique business vision, and is the first to introduce the concepts of "SMART shopping " and " 5G cloud eye exam service" in China. It also invested heavily in the new flagship stores in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.


SWISSCOAT, from the initial product design, material process selection, production, and quality control, to brand building, marketing, and terminal shelf sales, are all independently completed. SWISSCOAT is effectively integrating resources, shortening the chain, and eliminating the cost of intermediaries. SWISSCOAT has captured the hearts of many consumers with higher product quality and more competitive sales prices.


SWISSCOAT AI Vision Center is at the forefront of new retail trends


SWISSCOAT AI Vision Center is at the forefront of new retail trends

SWISSCOAT AI Vision Center positions as a brand new eyewear retail expert and a smart eyewear store. Each store can provide professional eye exam services, and in the eyes of customers, SWISSCOAT is a "Worry-Free," “High-Quality," and "Good Optical Experience" eyewear retail store.

At the same time, SWISSCOAT AI Vision Center positions as an all-around eyewear expert, an eyewear fitting expert with smart experience, high-end optics, diversified frame options, and professional optometry.