AI Vision Center

An Epoch-Making AI Vision Center

SWISSCOAT AI Vision Center is a Brand NEW one-stop-shopping experience for professional Rx eye exam and quality prescription glasses , our unique service include:

5G Cloud Rx eye Exam

Supervise and lead by Hong Kong professional optometrist

5G Cloud Dispensing Optician

Supervise and lead by Hong Kong professional optician to deeply understands the customers’ vision needs, and precisely matches the suitable functional optical lenses to meet the different vision demands of each customer

5G Cloud Vision Screening Test

To obtain a quick and simple vision check

3D Face scan

To obtain precise optical data to customize functional optical lenses for individual vision needs

3D virtual Try-On

Virtual Try on thousands of designer frame, rimless frames shape and experience functional lenses simulation

3D Bespoke Eyewear

Each frame is made for ONE unique individual. Perfect fit for your facial structure and vision needs

Smart Shopping

a whole new online shopping experience for eyeglass frames, allowing customers to easily buy prescription glasses at home any time anywhere

Vison Center (Hong Kong)

23/F Whole Floor, One Midtown, 11 Hoi Shing Rd., Tsuen Wan, N.T.,HK
+852 2751 8491
+852 2755 7789
Mon-Fri (10:30-18:00) | Sat (10:30-13:00) | Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday

Swisscoat AI Vision Center (Guangzhou)

2/F, Block A, Swisscoat Centre One, 20 Meide 2nd Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Mon-Fri (10:00-17:30) | Sat (10:00-17:00) | Sun (9:00-17:00)
Closed on Public Holiday