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Contact Lenses Hong Kong

We offer more than comprehensive eye examinations and crafting prescription glasses. Our other services include:

Contact Lens Assessment

Through a series of consultation and detailed examinations, we can find the right type of contact lenses in Hong Kong for you.

Multifocal Contact Lens Assessment

For those aged above 40 with aging eyes, this assessment combines both the consultation and detailed examinations of Contact Lens Assessment with an examiniation for eye dominance to provide suitable lenses.

Marine License and Driving Vision Test

We provide certified eye examinations for marine pleasure vessel operators. We also provide vision assessments to specifically update or renew a driving license.

The Benefits of Multifocal Contact Lenses Hong Kong

At 40 years of age, people will typically start to experience difficulty reading due to aging. Existing contact lens wearers may need reading glasses or to surrender their current contact lenses. To tackle reading issues among contact lens wearers, the newly designed multifocal contact lenses Hong Kong prove the perfect solution.

Generally speaking, most of the multifocal contact lenses consist of distant and near vision zones, which are distributed in a concentric ring manner. Both distant and near vision will be controlled by pupil size, which will change accordingly at different viewing distances. Unlike progressive glasses, multifocal contact lenses Hong Kong do not require posture compromisation. At the same time, binocular vision can be retained because both eyes now work together at every distance.

Compared to a general contact lens consultation, fitting multifocal contact lenses requires few additional steps. Before examination, vision expectations will be discussed to avoid discouragement due to unrealistic visual demands. Also, multifocal contact lens prescription will be adjusted according to your eye dominance and visual needs. Therefore, it is common to have a multifocal contact lens prescription different from your old contact lenses or glasses prescription.

Marine License and Driving Vision Test

According to the Marine Department, pleasure vessel operators and coxswains have to meet the required eyesight standards in order to apply or renew their certificates. Registered Part I and Part II optometrists are qualified to conduct these eyesight tests. Generally, the tests cover visual acuity at far, intermediate and near, colour vision assessment and visual field assessment.

You may require optical corrections in order to obtain or keep your driving license. If you need to renew your driving license but have undergone treatments to change your refractive states (such as LASIK), you can delete this restriction by asking your optometrist to issue a relevant certificate. Regardless, driving requires satisfactory vision to ensure the utmost safety.

Optometrists can perform related eye examinations to assess your driving-related vision, including monocular and binocular visual acuity, visual field assessment and colour vision assessment.

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