Better Protection for Your Eyes

Armour UV++

Armour Leading Towards a New Protective Standard

  • Double-sided UV light absorption through the material ( UVA , UVB )
  • Not only can it block UVA and UVB, it can also block the majority of blue-violet light (400nm~420nm) over 90%
  • The material filters high energy visible light ( 420nm~450nm )

Benefits of Equipping Armour (Health and Visual Effects)

  • Health Aspects:
  • Reduce the risk of cataracts caused by UV light
  • Prevention of accelerated aging eye skin to avoid the occurrences of dull skin, laxity, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc.

Armour Lens Material

  • Suitable for:
  • Women or professional women who concern about eye skin care
  • People who suffered eye disorders or have just undergone eye surgery
  • People who often outgoging/exposed to strong light at work but unsuitable to wear light-filtering lenses
  • People who are long-term sitting in front of the computer / smart phone and other electronic screens

Armour MV 997 and its Corresponding Protective Waveband

Armour StressFree and its Corresponding Protective Waveband

Armour UV++ Technical Specification
Index 1.61 1.67 1.74 Lens Base Clear
Density 1.48/g/cm3 1.35/g/cm3 1.47/g/cm3 UV Protection 100%
Abbe Value 40 32 32 Tinting No
Lens Design Spherical, Aspherical

Armour Sun UV++

  • Unique coating Photochromic
  • Fast Coating Photochromic technology
  • Great uniform Colors
  • 100% protection against UVA and UVB
  • Reduces HEV Blue Light
  • Multiple refractive Index

Extra UV protection and against blue light

Armour Sun effectively absorbs high-energy blue light generated from digital electronic devices. Armour Sun lens is highly sensitive. It is colorless transparent indoor and changes according to the UV strength outdoor. The stronger UV color, the darker lens color is. Light transmittance will increase quickly when coming back indoor from outdoor.