Cataract is a clouding of all or part of the normally clear lens within your eye, which results in blurred or distorted vision. It is most often found in persons over age 55.

Although cataracts develop without pain or discomfort, indications of cataract development may include blurred or hazy vision, the appearance of spots in front of the eyes, increased sensitivity to glare or the feeling of having a film over
the eyes.

During the eye examination our optometrists will diagnose any cataract development. Currently there is no proven method to prevent cataracts forming, however, our optometrists can monitor its development and prescribe spectacles or contact lenses
to maintain good vision.

If the catarct develops to the point that it affects your daily life our optometrists can refer you to an ophthalmologist who may recommend surgery to remove the natural lens and replace this with a new plastic lens.