Children Binocular Vision (Part 2)

In the previous blog entry, I have described the symptoms and management methods of the common manifest binocular vision disorders. This entry will focus on the latent binocular vision disorders.

Latent Binocular Vision Disorders:

Binocular vision disorders can be latent, meaning there is no signs based on physical appearance. Patients may have symptoms of double vision, blurred vision, eyes strain, headache and tearing especially after near work. Reading difficulties or poor school performances in many kids in fact may associate with latent binocular vision disorders. Therefore, it is essential to pick them up and manage them properly by optometrists with this area of expertise. The latent type can be further divided into three types1:

Vergence Disorders:

It is related to eye teaming skills. Any inadequacy will affect one’s ability to sustain attention comfortably at near work. Common examples are Convergence Insufficieny and Convergence Excess.

Accommodative Disorders:

It is related to eye focusing skills. Any inadequacy will affect one’s ability to sustain clear vision at near, and change focus at different distance. Common examples are Accommodative Insufficiency and Accmmodative Infacility.
Eye Movement Disorders:

It is related to eye tracking skills. Any inadequacy will cause missing word or letters and losing place when reading. Common example is Oculomotor Dysfunction.

Most latent binocular vision disorders can be managed by visual therapy and optical lenses. Parents especially those who has kids with reading difficulties should proactively bring their children to have comprehensive eye examination for ruling out latent binocular vision disorders.

Advanced Binocular Vision Assessment:

Comprehensive eye examination in Swisscoat Vision Centre includes basic binocular vision assessment as one of the eye examination procedures. If the optometrist found any binocular anomalies, he/she may advise you to perform advanced binocular vision assessment for further investigation.

By Paco Chan, Registered (Part I) Optometrist

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