Colour For Your Face

A range of Color Sun filtered lenses that absorb harmful UVA / B and offer the ideal eye protection for any active lifestyle in the sun. The cool colourful shades of life under the sun. SWISSCOAT offers you a complete range of colour for prescription lenses. Talk to our customer service officer if there is any unique color you want us to produce for any of your Rx prescription lenses.


  • SW001

  • SW004

  • SW010

  • SW012

  • SW015

  • SW023

  • SW025

  • SW026

  • SW027/50

  • SW030/50

  • SW032

  • SW034

  • SW035

  • SW036

  • SW046

  • SW051

  • SW054

  • SW062

  • TEN

  • RAV

  • GOL

SWISSCOAT lenses provide unprecedented clarity of vision wherever you look.