Do Computer Glasses Work for Me?

For the busy 9-to-5, computers and smartphones have pretty much dominated our lives, and a pair of clear eyes is a rarity. If you feel fatigue, headache, neck and shoulder pain, or even back pain, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) may be catching up. If left untreated, it could cause pseudo-myopia, and could increase the risk of eye degeneration.

What are computer lenses?

Computer lenses work by filtering out the damaging high energy blue light, minimising stress caused by the blue light emitted from digital screens. These lenses are known as anti-blue light lenses.

Swisscoat anti-blue light lenses

Other Swisscoat eyecare tips:

  1. Take a break every half hour to an hour, and look at faraway objects to relax your eyes.
  2. Decrease the brightness level when in low light settings to reduce the effects of bright light on your eyes.
  3. Using an appropriate font size and setting the right zoom levels can make your reading experience much easier.

Swisscoat comprehensive eye care services

Caring for your eyes

Taking care of your eyes is more than just managing your daily routines. Getting a regular Eye check-up is the ticket to better eye care, and Swisscoat Vision Center is where it starts. The qualified professional optometrists at Swisscoat can both detect early symptoms of eye issues, and find out the demands of your daily routines, so your eyes are well cared for.

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