Eye Glasses


For many, a pair of glasses goes a long way. Whether it’s for the office or for family gatherings, there is the right pair that will fit the right you. All the eyeglasses, sunglasses and sports glasses in the Center can be paired with lightweight lenses that are scratch resistant, impact-resistant and with full UV protection. These lenses are finished with our special MV997 low reflection anti-reflective coating that offers clearer vision or you can choose to have anti-blue light featured function lenses to protect your eyes from digital screen.

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The sports section is fit for the active you with plenty of sports glasses options to choose from including Adidas, Rudy Project, FUGLIES, Julbo and Performer from Germany.

The style is matched with Swisscoat’s protective lenses that provide comprehensive outdoor protection. We use special feature NXT lens material that are coated with advanced scratch-resistant coating that withstands the wear and tear of everyday life. SWISSCOAT NXT sports lenses providesafety from the sun’s harmful UV rays and sudden impact from your surroundings while maintaining comfort and visual clarity for the eyes.

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Whether your child loves to go out for fun or balances indoors with outdoors, there is a right style and lens for him or her. Swisscoat Vision Center carries a plethora of children eyewear with brands including Adidas, Dimmi, EYELET, Julbo and Lindberg.

Your kids desire style and you desire protection. Swisscoat has both style in our numerous frames and protection in our quality protective lenses. These lenses are scratch resistant and impact resistance to withstand the kid’s outdoor mishaps, while shielding their eyes from harmful UV rays.

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