Running/Cycling/Hiking Outdoor function lens essentials

SWISSCOAT Hiking lenses is designed to bring out the entirety of the scenic beauty to your eyes while shielding them from harmful UV rays and any stray elements that come too close to your eyes. Any sunglasses or prescription sunglasses equipped with SWISSCOAT Hiking lenses will translate your vision to picture perfect vision while providing 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays, blinding glares reflected off water or shiny surfaces, and resists impact that would normally shatter glasses.

SWISSCOAT comprehensive protection

Every SWISSCOAT Hiking lens uses superior NXT lens that enables both regular and prescription sunglasses to benefit from its technologies. This includes enhancing the visual spectrum, including green and blue, available in natural environments, and by cutting down the harsh direct sunlight and brightening the details in the shadow. All these features enhance optical experience which means your hike would be safer and more enjoyable.

Outdoor RX

SWISSCOAT lenses provide unprecedented clarity of vision wherever you look.