The worldwide leader in polarized lenses. NuPolar is the best all around sun lens with proven quality and the glare and UV blocking you need.


NuPolar lenses may be right for you...

  • If you want the total glare protection only polarized lenses offer
  • If you want a really dark sun lens outdoors in all conditions
  • If you enjoy the outdoors, especially activities on or around water and snow
  • If you want a selection of tints
  • If you want the only polarized lens that meets all accepted performance standards

Available in gray, brown, green and copper; single vision and multifocals.

Also available in non-prescription.


NuPolar lenses:

  • Provide the best vision in bright sunlight
  • Make your outdoor activities more enjoyable
  • Lessen squinting and crows’ feet
  • Make driving safer by cutting glare
  • Let you see true color
Nupolar Technical Specification
Index 1.5 1.53 1.59 1.61 1.67 Lens Base Brown, Grey, (Green only 1.5,1.59)
Density 1.31/g/cm3 1.11/g/cm3 1.47/g/cm3 1.48/g/cm3 1.35/g/cm3 UV Protection 100%
Abbe Value 58 45 30 40 32 Tinting No
Lens Design Spherical, Aspherical