A hunter depends on the eyes for a clear sight on their target. SWISSCOAT Orange Blaze Shooting lens come in the natural orange color that hunters are most comfortable with. The orange color enables you to pierce the natural haze under cloudy conditions, and deepens the target’s outline so your first shot can be taken cleanly. On top of these advantages, the lenses protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays and stray branches that could hit your eyes.

SWISSCOAT comprehensive protection

SWISSCOAT Orange Blaze Shooting lens uses NXT lenses that offer superior optical clarity for your outdoor pursuits. Even if you do not possess 20/20 eyesight, it is no obstruction as prescription is available to return your eyesight not only to its original sharpness, but also enhance it with advance technologies such as Light Transition Technology and the NXT exclusive photochromic technology. This is the gear that will take your hunting trip up to the next level with unparalleled comfort and optical experience.

Orange Blaze RX

SWISSCOAT lenses provide unprecedented clarity of vision wherever you look.