Blue light protection – overexposure to short wavelength blue light has been clinically linked to sleep disorders, and with the average adult spending over 10 hours a day on digital devices, StressFree blue light blocking coating limit the amount of harmful blue light reaching the eye by 15%.

StressFree coating designed to block blue light have a noticeable blue hue, it is suggested to only use this coating for computer glasses and not for glasses that you will be wearing full time indoors and out.


1. Blue light protection

2. Reduce the amount of high energy blue light reaching the eyes

3. Tremendously prevent light behind you from bouncing off the back of the lens and back into your eyes

4. Reduce eye fatigue

5. Enhance better vision

6. Increase visual contrast

Clinical studies carried out by the Hong Kong PolyU and published in the PLOS Scientific Journal’s 3rd January 2017 edition indicate that StressFree Blue Light Reduction Protective Lenses have a minimal to insignificant impact on visual performance and sleep quality. In addition, These lenses may be viewed as an added option for protection from potential blue-light hazard.


Clear multifunctional lenses with very low reflection for everyday wear. Increases colour contrast as well as filtering out excess blue.

Blue light filtering

Low reflection

StressFree Solution

The prolonged exposure to the high-energy visible (HEV) blue-light emitted from digital devices and the sun’s UV rays could cause serious harm to the eyes if left unprotected.

HEV blue-light emitted from these devices penetrates the macular pigment, causing rapid retinal changes that may damage the retina structurally, and also decrease visual acuity. Prolonged UV exposure presents potentially serious eye health issues down the road, elevating the risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

StressFree lenses effectively reduce the amount of high-energy blue light and UV rays from reaching your eyes while retaining your visual acuity.

SWISSCOAT lenses provide unprecedented clarity of vision wherever you look.