SWISSCOAT SunAdapt Photochromic lenses provide convenient protection from several types of glare. Including the kind that can seriously diminish vision. In sunlight, mid-light or indoors, SunAdapt lenses are the optimal choice for your everyday lenses.

Original Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night and darken outdoors to adapt to changing light conditions. Original Transitions lenses may be right for you...

  • A all-in-one lens with Power correction, Sun block and HEV filtration function
  • Available in multifocals, and FSV with anti-reflective treatment or blue light filtering coating, effectively reduce the amount high energy blue light entering the eyes

SunAdapt Lenses:

  • Quickly darken outdoors and quickly fade back to clear indoors
  • Allow the right amount of light to reach your eyes in most lighting conditions
  • Adapt automatically to lessen eye fatigue
  • Protect your eyes outdoors from most kinds of glare and block 100% UVA zand UVB
  • Provide comfort, convenience and protection indoors and out
SunAdapt Technical Specification
Index 1.53 1.61 1.67 Lens Base Photochromic: Brown, Grey
Density 1.31/g/cm3 1.48/g/cm3 1.35/g/cm3 UV Protection 100%
Abbe Value 58 40 32 Tinting No
Lens Design Spherical, Aspherical