System Engineering Technology

SWISSCOAT’s System Engineering Technology ensures our operations can be dynamically updated in real time. Our lens production data driven systems allow us to better predict customers’ corrective eyewear needs and dynamically optimize our own designs. This technology lets us deliver Precision Optics lens product with speed and quality.

SWISSCOAT’s System Engineering Technology centralizes the control of research and production. It is the hub of our creativity and innovation.

Our system sits at the center of an increasingly digitized supply chain, with access to data across our operations 24/7, we are able to make decisions on the fly. Whether it is creating a new strategic partnership with a supplier, or experimenting with a new lens technology, we can walk in with confidence.

We are able to streamline our processes to centralize control over every aspect of our lab. By reducing manual processes, we are able to improve productivity and minimize human errors. The System Engineering Technology integrates lens laboratory, production line, inventory system, and job tracking to provide real-time information and analysis of the production process.

How Real-time Data Helps Efficiency

Our live numbers enable us to manage stock levels of lens materials immediately by adjusting our ordering quantity through an automated system. This enables us to keep track on the stock level in real-time and without expending unnecessary resources, thus maintaining peak efficiency and lowering operational costs.

Our ability to facilitate every link in the operation, down to the optimal route to every production station which contributes to a more streamlined workflow, enables us to capture opportunities as soon as they arise. Through driving innovation, we find new ways of working with data-driven insights, process optimization, and workspace organization.