Safety lens uniquely offers you better optics- your vision will be sharp and acute without the blur.


Single vision by SWISSCOAT ACTIVEwear lens in polycarbonate material, the lens is 10 times stronger, 30% lighter and up to 50% thinner than conventional plastic lenses. They absorb all harmful UV light and are virtually shatter proof.

ACTIVEwear Technical Specification
Index 1.59 Lens Base Clear, Transitions® Gen8, Nupolar, Drivewear
Density 1.47/g/cm3 UV Protection 100%
Abbe Value 30 Tinting No
Lens Design Spherical


Single vision lens by SWISSCOAT SAFEwear in Trilogy material guarantee you clear vision, Safety and Lightweight. SWISSCOAT SAFEwear also blocks out 100% of harmful UV rays that provide full protection to your eyes. No matter what your vision needs are, whether work or play, sport or hobby, SAFEwear is your right choice.

Today’s consumer has more choices than ever, SAFEwear lenses deliver superior optics, superior impact resistance when compared with other lens materials.

SAFEwear Technical Specification
Index 1.53 Lens Base Clear, Transitions® Gen8, Nupolar, XTRActive
Density 1.11/g/cm3 UV Protection 100%
Abbe Value 45 Tinting No
Lens Design Spherical

1. Superior optics and clear vision 2. Safety - superior impact resistant. 3. Thin and Lightweight. 4. Block out 100% harmful UV rays.

Clear & Crisp vision

Want clear, crisp vision? Compared to the other thin and light materials available, your vision will be sharper.

This is because Trilogy reduces something called “chromatic aberration”, the annoying tendency of some lenses to create colored blur around objects.

So if your work or hobbies demand clear vision, or if you are an older patient whose visual acuity needs a little extra help, ask your doctor for Trilogy.

Light & Thin

Want comfort and good looking lenses? Trilogy lenses are made of an ultra lightweight material that practically floats on water.

They are thin as well as lightweight, so not only are your lenses cosmetically appealing, your glasses won’t slide down your nose or leave nasty marks on the bridge of your nose.

And Trilogy has the material strength that makes it a great choice for some of the most stylish frames that require drilling into the lens.


Want safer lenses? For impact resistance many times the FDA requirement, you can have Trilogy or you can have polycarbonate, a lens which may compromise your visual clarity.

Why compromise? With Trilogy you can protect your vision and enjoy superb optics. And for added safety, Trilogy lenses are 100% UV blocking.